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Butterfly Kisses - In loving memory of Maria

Don’t cry for me please don’t be sad
Hold on to the memories that we have had
Don’t dwell on dark thoughts hold on tight to your wishes
Sending you all my love, hugs and butterfly kisses

I walk beside you I am there all day long
I am with you though you may feel I am gone
You don’t see me but I can see you
What ever the problems I will help you get through

I am the wind in your hair the sand in your toes
Butterfly kisses that you feel on your nose
I am with you at sunset and in sunrise
But you can’t see me is my one regret

I sit right beside you when you are sad
As you look through photos of the times we have had
I watch you sleeping I hold you so tight
Before I go I kiss you goodnight

I will watch over you from heaven above
Forever you will be my truest of love
Hold onto your dreams and all your wishes
Always sending you my Love, Hugs and Butterfly Kisses ❤️


Prayers and thoughts are with you all..Your Mum would be very proud of the beautiful send off you gave her..she will be missed..Fly high..RIP xxoo

Maria Caggiano

To the whole family, thank you for allowing me to share in this beautiful tribute and farewell of our much beloved Maria into God’s keeping. God bless you all, keep you well and safe ♥️


My deepest condolences and love to my nephew and nieces, Daniel, Jane, Carina and your families, To my sister Carmela, my brother Tony and family. And the Santosuosso family too.

A limb has fallen from the family tree I hear a voice that whispers, ‘Grieve not for me’
Remember the best times, the laughter the songs, and remember my smile and cherished love for you.
Continue my heritage I’m counting on you. Keep on smiling the sun will shine through.
I am at ease, my soul is at rest remembering all…how I was truly blessed.
Continue traditions no matter how small, please go on with your lives our memories your keepsake, ones with which we’ll never part.
God has me in His keeping but you have me in your hearts ♥️

Bianca Hughes

To all of beautiful Maria's family I would like to thank you for allowing us to be able to attend albeit from afar in sharing such a lovely farewell to her today. Maria was a very kind and quiet and lovely lady with whom i shared many hours at our crafting table on Wednesday's at church in Page. It will be very hard to go back there and not see her anymore, whenever that is allowable, but I will treasure always knowing that we shared some lovely moments in her life together. my deepest condolences to you all .....Rie Hodgetts

Marie Hodgetts

My hands are trembling and my heart is heavy for the loss of your human self dear Aunty. Maria your beautiful, kind, generous, wise and loving ways are your legacy and live on in all blessed hearts ♥️ that you graced Thank you for loving me and Jess Aunty Maria. For providing me a home and your counsel in my younger years. You brought much joy and light into my life thank you I will remind you daily of how special you are, and am forever sorry I hadn’t sooner. I love you, thank you for being my Aunty, my God Mother and friend. I will cherish all our memories until we meet again. Much love, to all your family and friends ♥️ I love you Aunty Maria.


Our deepest condolences for the loss of your beautiful mama.
We wish we could be with you in person. May her beautiful soul rest in peace and may God comfort you all during this difficult time. Lots and lots of love, Diana and John

Diana and John

Just beautiful
Condolences to all the family was so glad to be able to watch it. I so wish I could of been there in person.
RIP Auntie Maria
Your children and grandchildren and family made you the proudest Mum,Nonna,and family Member
When I see a butterfly I will think of you xx
Love Virginia

Virginia D'Ambrosio

Daniel, Jane & Carina,
My deepest condolences. Your mum was one special Auntie & she will be deeply missed, no longer will I hear her voice at the other end of the phone or see her smiling face. I will always cherish my conversations & the times i had together with her. I only wished Auntie Maria knew how truely loved & special she was ❤️ I already miss you Auntie Maria love you always ❤️ ❤️Angela RIP Auntie Maria XX

Angela Ruberto

I am the same one tried to get better reception and could not get back in

phillip mathews

Rest In Peace Maria. You will be missed.

Lynell and Ruth Williams-White

Ann and I are thinking of you at this sad time and send our condolences to your families

Neil Power

May your heart now be at rest as your beautiful soul watches over us all.

Sending all our love and warm thoughts

Rhiannon, Paige and Hope


You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived. You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back, or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see her, or you can open your eyes and see all that she has left. Your heart can be empty because you can't see her, or you can be full of the love that you shared. You can turn your back on tomorrow and live yesterday, or you can be happy for tomorrow because of yesterday. You can remember her and only that she is gone, or you can cherish her memory and let it live on. You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back, or you can do what she would want: Smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Nikki Brown

We love you so much Fam. Here for you all throughout this heartbreaking time. Sending so much love, support and understanding.

I heard your voice in the wind today and I turned to see your face, the warmth of the wind caressed me as I stood silently in place.

I felt your touch in the sun today as it's warmth filled the sky; I closed my eyes for your embrace and my spirit soared high.

I saw your eyes in the window pane as I watched the falling rain; It seemed as each rain drop fell it quietly said your name.

I held you close in my heart today, it made me feel complete; You may have died... but you are not gone, you will always be a part of me.

As long as the sun shines... the wind blows... the rain falls... You will live on inside me forever, for that is all my heart knows.

We Love You

Shae, Arley, Ivy and Letti

condolences and my love for maria

phillip mathews

Anthony William Sciberras

condolences and love for maria

phillip mathews

my sincere condolences and love for maria

phillip mathews

phillip mathews

Thank you Ria for being my godmother, for being my friend, and always loving me. You will be forever missed.

Sending love to all the family

Emily Watt

Our deepest condolences to the Pizzano and Santosuosso families. We are thinking of you, Jane, Carina, Daniel and spouses, the grandchildren and rest of the family. Maria will be missed.

Alicia & Ryan Parsons

Our love and support to Jane, Liam and Finn

Brian and Helen smith

Sending lots of love to you and your family. Maria was a sensitive,thoughtful lady with a big heart. May she Rest In Peace.

Christine Highmore

RIP Maria
this life as we know it is uncertain only God can give us rest and security


Thinking of you all - wish we could be there to support you!
Sending tons of love

Belinda Sciberras

My deepest sympathy, rest in peace

Nikki Brown

We recall our happy times together. Those good memories will linger on forever. Our deepest condolences go to the family and all those she loved.

Angela & Alfred Bongi

I’m so sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you


Andrew Williams

Our sincere sympathy

Bernard Smith and Trish Smith

Thinking of you all. So sorry for your loss

Jenna Fitch

Deepest sympathy and condolences. Rest In Peace

Bec welch

My deepest condolences. May you Rest In Peace beautiful Maria ❤️

Caroline Galea

remembering the good times! love Vicki & Chris

Vicki and Christopher Morris

Sending all my love to you on this sad day. May your beautiful Mum fly high with the angels xo

Carrie De Block

Libby Watt

From my family to yours, sending you love and strength at this difficult time xox

Emily Moss

Our thoughts are with all the family on this very sad day.

Special love to Carina and Jane

Wendy and Peter Coutts

Brian & Fiona Murphy

Sarah Sciberras

RIP Auntie Maria
Love you
In God hands and at peace
Love always
Yass NSW

Virginia D`Ambrosio

Maria was a great Nonna to our mutual grandchildren and her passing is very sad, but she is now with her Lord & Saviour

Our condolences to the Pizzano and Santosuosso families

Anna & Paul Thompson

Anna & Paul Thompson

My heartfelt sympathy is with Maria's family at this time.Maria was a wonderful person it is a pity she did not believe this.She is now out of pain and torment she suffered for so many years. A big thankyou to her family for allowing me to say goodbye to Maria yesterday I will miss her.

Joanne Takiari

It was nice knowing you in the short amount of time that I knew you. It was great knowing you as I finally had met someone who I could relate to who had also been through hardships like myself.
I hope that you rest in peace.
Frances Madden xxx

Frances Madden

To Maria's beautiful family.
I would just like to give our full condulences and say a big sorry for the loss of your beautiful Maria. She is a beautiful person and god has taken her under his wing up in his golden gates. We are here for you if you need anything. I really loved my auntie maria and i now know she is with god. May you rest in peace aunty. We love you dearly. May the lord be with you all in this time of need. Love from Filly Thijssens family, Pina Ritz's family and and also from my dads family Enrico D'Ambrosio. God bless you all

Filly Thijssens

Condolences to the Pizzano family
For the los of they mother and grandma
She will be missed

Mario tinelli

Auntie it been many years since I last seen you which Is a shame I wish our family was more closer but the memories I have of us when I was little I will treasure.
Condolences to all your beautiful children and grandchildren
And brother's and sisters
RIP Auntie Maria
Love always Virginia daughter of Bianca xx

Virginia D'Ambrosio